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Your Caring Therapists

Our staff is a team of caring and compassionate counselors with years of expertise in the field of therapy. We ensure to hire the best professionals to provide our clients with quality counseling services they can trust.


Lakisha Fulmore

Lakisha Fulmore, MS.Ed, LMHC,

Lakisha Fulmore, MS.Ed, LMHC, is an experienced clinical mental health counselor based in New York and Long Island. Ms. Fulmore works with adults of all ages, supporting clients from young professionals experiencing life transitions to those struggling with the aging process. She helps individuals who are experiencing feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, communication errors, life/role transitions, racial stress, and parenting issues.

Working with Ms. Fulmore, you may explore your upbringing and how your development influences your personality today. We may also discuss troubling past and present relationships that may cause clinical symptoms, creating great difficulty in managing day-to-day tasks.

Ms. Fulmore will use a variety of modalities to help clients reach their goals. Such modalities include, but are not limited to, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to assist clients in ending negative thought patterns to ultimately cultivate healthy behaviors, Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), where she will review the client’s pattern of behavior in relationships and evaluation of current relationships, as well as many other evidence-based therapy techniques.

Ms. Fulmore is down-to-earth, culturally sensitive, and a great listener. She spends a significant amount of time planning each session, often-times sharing helpful resources to add to your coping toolbox to utilize outside of sessions.

She is empathetic and an efficient problem-solver. I would be happy to connect with you to see how I can help.

Stephannie Samuel

Stephannie Samuel, MHC-Intern

In my therapeutic practice, I utilize a person-centered approach to create a safe space that allows clients the opportunity to be vulnerable and open. I believe the therapist and their client should create a relationship that allows the two to collaborate and ultimately empower clients to overcome obstacles, achieve goals and manage emotional challenges. I also believe clear, intentional communication can change the trajectory of any relationship. I have experience working with adolescents and recently with couples and working to mediate family and friendship dynamics. Sometimes the only way out of a tough situation is to get through it. I am happy to help you through your personal journey.

Jesse Asch-Ortizl

Jesse Asch-Ortiz, MS, LCAT, MT-BC

Jesse is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Board-Certified Music Therapist, and Nordoff-Robbins-trained music therapist, bringing a depth of experience as a clinician and music therapy supervisor providing mental health care in the Greater New York area. Jesse approaches therapy from an interpersonal and psychodynamic perspective, helping individuals to explore their relationships to self and others as a means of connecting more deeply with life processes. Through a resource-oriented approach, Jesse supports individuals in accessing their strengths and developing new tools for coping in their day-to-day lives. Jesse provides music therapy and talk therapy services, using a blend of techniques to best meet an individual’s unique needs and preferences. Jesse also integrates mindfulness and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) perspectives into his practice, offering a holistic approach to exploring the mind, body, spirit. Jesse values bringing authenticity, empathic presence, creativity and cultural reflexivity to every interaction in therapy. Beyond therapy sessions, Jesse also provides supervision services to music therapy students and professionals.

Nicholas Hughes

Nicholas Hughes, MA, LCAT ATR-BC

As a seasoned Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in New York, with over 15 years of dedicated experience, I specialize in harnessing the power of creativity to guide individuals through trauma recovery and personal growth. My practice focuses on adolescents, adults, and families, offering a safe space for exploration and healing.

My journey began with a dual degree in psychology and studio art from SUNY Oneonta, where I laid the foundation for my passion for the intersection of art and psychology. Transitioning from working with the severely mentally ill in residential and case management settings, I pursued a master’s in fine arts (MFA) in Clinical Art Therapy, fully credentialing myself with New York State.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked extensively in both group and individual settings, spanning psychiatric inpatient/outpatient facilities and public schools. My approach blends evidence-based therapeutic techniques with the transformative power of creative expression, empowering clients to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression while fostering self-discovery and resilience.

Beyond my professional endeavors, art remains an integral part of my life. Whether through illustration, painting, or experimenting with various mediums, I continue my personal journey of self-exploration, reinforcing my commitment to the healing potential of artistic expression.

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